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Main » 2009 » March » 3 » Dingoo 3D Hell Striker 1.02 Full Version (Symbian OS-9.1/9.2 Games)
Dingoo 3D Hell Striker 1.02 Full Version (Symbian OS-9.1/9.2 Games)
9:44 AM

Hell Striker is a quite classical game. But must collect fees, explains the edition not to be able to play, to put the green ball that place but its not be able to put the green ball. Below, I recommend method can smooth entry to everybody! Explains the original version, cannot put the green ball. First we install the Game, may carry on played, but guarantee that must have the enough movement space! When you play this game you need to send the information payment felt relieved that bold sends, because this explained is pays expenses the information to alter to has transmitted 0000 to 10086, regarding the mobile subscriber on free! We continue to play the game, when plays to the place which has problems cannot put the green ball the place to draw back! Below I provide the essential thing which this broken explains for everybody-The legal copy puts the green ball archive! ....understood, we use the legal copy the archive to jump over this section of BUG.

Attention: Certainly must play first to puts the green ball the place, in cover archive. If puts in directly puts on file, then plays is unable to carry on! Because the following game needs to use the above payment record!

How to play this Game:

Move: 2/4/6/8
Attack: 5 Special
Attack: 0 Reset
Camera: 9
Game Menu: Left Soft Key
Cancel: Right Soft Key

200 years ago demons flooded over the world and brought a great disaster to men.The Shushan clan sealed the way to the hell with 3 divine swords after annihilating the demons.The world then enjoyed the peace.200 years later,the 3 divine swords were removed by the remaining demons in the world,and the demons in the hell are eager for action.As a disciple of Shushan clan, you must carry the heavy responsibility to get back the 3 divine swords and crack down on the demons alone.

Save game Included..

Chinese language,
but with that Savegame we can finish that game

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