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Main » 2010 » January » 23 » Jig Browser (Symbian S60 v3 )
Jig Browser (Symbian S60 v3 )
7:00 AM
The Internet browser for your mobile phone! Speedy and intuitive functions make it easier to access information on the go, whenever you want it. Customize your jig experience with our "jiglets". Plug-in applications that add different tools, such as e-mailer, scheduler, RSS reader and so much more, into your jig browser.
the jig browser is a full internet browsing application that allows you to surf the internet on your mobile phone.Fast browsing and Mouse jig browser compresses information and gives you fast browsing experience. And with jig browser mouse you can scroll freely in any direction with amazing speed. Additionally, you can easly slect items on a webpage just by being near to them. jiglets Yjiglets are plug-in applications for jig browser. By downloading jiglets, you can add different tools into your jig browser. You can even create your own application. Examples of the range of jiglets are e-mailer, scheduler, RSS reader,...
Display Mode For a confortable Internet experience, you can customize the display mode. Choose from PC (shows the webpages with the same layout as on a PC), Mobile (adapts the webpages to the mobile screen size) or Overview (reduces the webpage to fit the screen). Customizable Settings Customisze your own jig experience by combining your own settings and jiglets. Change text size, colour, layout, mouse speed, and so much more. Tab browsing Our unique "tab" interface allows you to multitask easily placing jiglets and pages in your task bar to use later. Using the task bar interface you can easly change from task to task. Security jig is constantly upgrading security measures so that your phone is protected from virus attacks. Also jig browser server only sends you the necessary information for your browsing, so that you won't receive unwanted information.
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