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Name: WP2.jpg
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Versions history:
1.00 - Initial version
1.01 - Packing files to Zip archive, small bugfixes
1.02 - Selectable UI font size, details of multiselection, key shortcuts for Mark all/none
1.05 - Windows Mobile version, small fixes
1.10 - Russian, German language
1.11 - Czech, Magyar, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish language
1.12 - Belarusian, French, Italian language
1.13 - Polish language, support for cards > 4GB
1.15 ... Read more »
Category: Mobile Symbian/Java World | Views: 1189 | Added by: panditraga | Date: 2010-01-26 | Comments (0)

This application satisfies all your recording needs. It will let yourecord a voice memo, reminder/alarm or phone call anytime by simplypressing hotkeys of your own choices. Phone calls can also be recordedautomatically based on your choices. You can record arbitrarily longmemo or conversations. You can also let the application automaticallyforward recorded clips to your default email or phone number by Emailor MMS. The application will automatically stop recording once thestorage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone!Hotkeys work anytime, always! Free upgrades of future versions!

The application is a Symbian Signed application backed by the industrial standard Quality Assurance testing procedure.
... Read more »
Category: Mobile Symbian/Java World | Views: 438 | Added by: panditraga | Date: 2010-01-26 | Comments (0)

Protect your mobile from Theft and secure your content.
VMS can hide your sms,contacts,images,videos etc.Intimates the change in sim card with location,lets you spy on the Thief's it also sends report of the thief activities like CALLS & SMS sent & received and contacts added or edited. Retrieve all your contacts etc.

VMS - Virtual Mobile Security" which can help in retrieving the stolen cell phone but
more importantly blocks any misuse of the content in the phone and the memory card
like Phone book, Images, SMS, Videos and sounds by the thief or any unauthorized
VMS helps the owner to hide and protect personal Images, contacts and other data in
normal mode ... Read more »
Category: Mobile Symbian/Java World | Views: 373 | Added by: panditraga | Date: 2010-01-26 | Comments (0)

The Internet browser for your mobile phone! Speedy and intuitive functions make it easier to access information on the go, whenever you want it. Customize your jig experience with our "jiglets". Plug-in applications that add different tools, such as e-mailer, scheduler, RSS reader and so much more, into your jig browser.
the jig browser is a full internet browsing application that allows you to surf the internet on your mobile phone.Fast browsing and Mouse jig browser compresses information and gives you fast browsing experience. And with jig browser mouse you can scroll freely in any direction with amazing speed. Additionally, you can easly slect items on a webpage just by being near to them. jiglets Yjiglets are plug-in applications for jig browser. By downloading jiglets, you can add different tools into your jig browser. You can even create your own application. Examples of the range of jiglets are e-mailer, scheduler, RSS reader,...
&nb ... Read more »
Category: Mobile Symbian/Java World | Views: 375 | Added by: panditraga | Date: 2010-01-23 | Comments (0)

Theme DIY is the FREEWARE 3rd party tool that enables the creation of theme to customize the appearance of the user interface straight on our lovely phones. Yeah, its not a mistake, you don't need to read it once again, it truly allows simple theme creating and use them immediately and directly on your phone. For example all you have to do is to point camera to your girlfriend take a shot, open application, choose template, choose taken image as the theme background and surprise her in less than 2-3 minutes.
Category: Mobile Symbian/Java World | Views: 350 | Added by: panditraga | Date: 2009-12-25 | Comments (0)

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