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Ultimate.Voice.Recorder.v2.31.S60 .SymbianOS
panditragaDate: Wednesday, 2010-01-20, 9:25 AM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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This application satisfies all your recording needs. It will let you record a voice memo or phone call anytime by simply pressing hotkeys of your own choices. Phone calls can also be recorded automatically based on your choices. You can browse, label, delete and transfer all the recorded memo and phone calls with ease. You can record arbitrarily long memo or conversations. The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! Hotkeys work anytime, always!

Major Features:

* Customizable hotkeys to record, play, pause and stop
* Or simply press abc/pen key three times to start/stop recording.
* Support recording in both AMR and WAV format
* Optional automatic recording of phone calls
* Adjustable maximum recording length
* Operate in background mode or/and user interactive mode
* Configurable storage location
* Automatic startup upon phone power on
* Always ready to accept hotkeys
* Easy to manage/browse the details of all recorded clips such as caller id, duration, timestamp.
* Automatic stop recording at low storage space
* Send the recorded clips to other phones or PC via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email (email service is required for this feature)
* Support sending multiple clips together.
* Support automatic deletion of the clips after they are sent.
* Support a default email address to use for sending.
* Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite.

Stay tuned to the free upgrade of the software to support recording/playing directly from a PC via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, internet. Updated versions of the software with bug fixes would be posted regularly and free of charges if any problem should be identified with the software.

Quick Guide:

* Upon successful installation, a "tape" icon appears on the bottom middle of your phone screen.
* Press hotkeys anytime to record, stop, pause and play. You don't need to open Ultimate Voice Recorder in order to use hotkeys.
* Default hotkeys to record, stop, play ans pause are "#0", "#7", "#1" and "#8".
* Or press abc/pen three times to start/stop recording.
* Use left/right key to mark multiple clips for sending.
* Open Ultimate Voice Recorder and press "Options->Settings" to change hotkeys and other options such as recording limit, recording format, automatic recording of phone calls, automatic deletion of clips.
* After your phone powers up, wait until the tape icon appears on the bottom of the phone before using hotkeys! If no tape icon appears after a few minutes, launch Ultimate Voice Recorder and exit, then the tape icon will appear and hotkeys will be ready.
* Set recording limit to 0 if you need unlimited length recording. The actual recording length depends on the free disk space.
* You can also launch Ultimate Voice Recorder directly to perform recording and playbacks.
* Open Ultimate Voice Recorder to browse and edit all the recorded memo and phone call clips.
* Press "Options->Settings" to adjust hidden mode to specify when to show the tape icon - always, never or only while idle.
* To use Nokia PC suite software to copy recorded clips to your PC, open the "c:\nokia\UltimateVR" and "e:\UltimateVR" directories on your phone in the file explorer of the PC suite. All the recorded clips are in those two directories.
* Don't use Nokia PC suite software to delete recorded clips on your phone, use Ultimate Voice Recorder to do so instead.
* Press "Options->help" for detailed user guide.

Coming soon in Version 2.32

* Configurable rules specifying when to record phone call, i.e. after midnight, whose call to record (by caller id), recording incoming or outgoing or both, and so on.

New in Version 2.31

* Support both AMR and WAV recording formats.
* Starting/Stopping recording becomes even easier - by simply pressing abc/pen key three times.
* Indications of how many recording time left in phone memory or memory card.
* Support sending multiple clips together
* Support automatic deletion of the clips sent via email, mms, bluetooth or infrared.
* Support a default email address to use for sending.
* Adjustable "Hidden mode", where you can specify when the tape icon is shown - always, never or only while idle.

New In Version 2.30

* Fixed the noisy playback issue on N70 phones.
* Fixed the bug that disallows changing multiple setting items at the same time.

Note: Due to the firmware limitation of some old models of Nokia phones, a beep warning tone may be heard every 5 seconds during the recording of a phone conversation.

Legal Notice:

It is not legal to record phone calls in some countries or regions, please use the software in accordance with the laws and regulations in your region. We shall not be responsible for any legal inssues incurred!

Compatible Devices

Diamond Mako
Ericsson MC218
Ericsson R380
Nokia 3230
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3620
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7650
Nokia 9210 Communicator
Nokia N-Gage QD
Nokia N70
Nokia Series 60
Panasonic X700
Panasonic X800
Psion netBook
Psion Revo Plus
Psion Siena
Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730
Siemens SX1


DennisBotDate: Monday, 2016-12-19, 5:50 PM | Message # 2
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JamesphypeDate: Wednesday, 2016-12-21, 4:03 PM | Message # 3
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BryanWizDate: Saturday, 2016-12-24, 12:19 PM | Message # 4
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